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My "Wonderful" Life
10 most recent entries

Date:2005-04-06 20:46
Mood: productive

sorry i haven't updated in a while, but i was busy with make up work till that last day of the quarter. i managed to write my final essay for th quarter but i had to go through the last day on 3 hours o sleep. my spring break was ok. if it weren't for Rachel and Nichole i wouldn't have even gotten out of the house save to work (YMCA kids zone). alot of other stuff has taken place but i dont have time to write it all down now. mabe this weekend i'll give a recap.

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Date:2005-02-16 20:31
Subject:Make-up work
Mood: frustrated

sence i was absent 4 days last week, i have so much make up work. my trig teacher is awsome though. shes letting me take a test that schedualed for tomarrow on teusday of next week cause i missed most of the classes over the stuff on the test. physics is another story. i was having trouble in that class BEFORE i was out sick. in english i have to play catch-up on reading the scarlet letter, but thats not so bad cause i actually like it, atleast thus far (chapter 5). i just hope i can catch-up in physics. i know of no one (in flordia) who can explain it to me thats not the teacher and shes kinda hard to understand. most of the students in the class are having trouble too so even thats not an option unless by some fluke i can find a person who gets this stuff (i feel a sudden urge to harm the person who invented physics).

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Date:2005-02-08 17:45
Subject:Being Sick Sucks
Mood: sick

I've been sick sence sunday and my temp peaked @ 103 degrees yesterday. i finally went to the doctors today (and had to wait about 4 hours from the time we entered the waiting room till i got medicine). i had to get 2 prescriptions; antibiotics and an anti-histamine. i also cant go back to school untill friday. im going to have SOOOOOOOOOO much make up work.

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Date:2005-01-31 21:57
Subject:Just One Of Those Days
Mood: cranky

today was just one of those days. last night i could sleep even though i was exausted (i kept dreaming i was still painting the set for hamlet for english) so naturally i turned off my alarm when it when off and rolled over for 10 more minutes of sleep. evidentally 10 minutes = 1 hour. ma woke me up @ 7 when she came to get me and madison. i had to get dressed and ready in 10 min (skipping breakfast). i then had to run to echeverria's room to drop off my set and the to humanities to make up a test. then the day started in trig. today was a skinny day. in second period (LMS) there was an assignment that completely slipped my mind but i was able to do it in class and turn it in. in 3rd (physics) there was a quiz on the stuff she had realy inforced while i was absent so i to basically wing it (good thing im a math person). in 4th was tech and that was normal. 5th was english and we started on the play and i got complimented on the scenery i painted. lunch lines were horrible and i had 2 cookies and a thing of frys for lunch. after lunch we got held in 5th because of a bomb threat to the portibles. then i went to 6th (humanities) and we watched a movie i have already fallen asleep during (the first part anyways). then there was 7th (american history). in that class i am surrounded by a bunch of numb nuts whose favorite past time is whineing and complaining. today there was a test scedualed and naturally no one studied (its the regular class) so they were whineing about it to miss mckeever who does not know how to control a class. it sounded like 30 madisons not getting there way. i just snapped. i was on sleep and food depravation, today was NOT the day to get on my nerves. i told the queen of the whiners to stop whineing and just christmas tree the stupid test. she said, in her natural prepy way, "i dont remember inviting you into this conversation" so natrally i said "i could hear you across the room, i didn't need an invitation" then her friends chimed in saying basically that i should mind my own buisness so i said "you guys sound like a bunch of five year olds. suck it up and stop whineing." miss mckeever then passed out the test and proceeded to say no talking (as two of the boys started chanting "Jerry! Jerry!"). afterwards miss mckeever apologized for the fact that she couldnt control her class and said yet again that she was going to talk to other teachers about controling her class (sence im one of the only students who do there work on time, are quiet, and go above and beyond whenever she gives a project she likes me). i was able to go home and take a nap and make it through tech (tonight was actually pritty good, no major malfunctions and the performance wasnt bad). i still have homework to do though (trig and physics).

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Date:2005-01-24 18:36
Subject:Fun Fun
Mood: stressed

The new stuff ma got me didnt work. It made my throat and stomache feel like they were on fire. i finally got the heating pad @ 2 am. i skipped school today because the cramps were so bad. i'm still looking for an herbal remidy or something natural. i would rather not start taking a perscription if i dont have to. now i have alot of work to make up.

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Date:2005-01-23 21:24
Mood: exhausted

I haven't updated sence wednsday b/c i've been realy busy. I finally layed eyes upon Scott on friday and as always he was annoyed that i had a ton of homework for the weekend and couldn't do anything. Sparky and Kaela are fighting again. They were going out until Kaela got fed up with him and dumped him. He keeps being REALY depressive and only talks about how his life sucks. He's almost on the point of stalking Kaela as he constatly has to be 3 feet or less away from her and it's getting on her nerves. When she does snap at him then he acts like the whole world hates him and its getting realy old. I've told him he acts like this and he needs to stop and i think he got a bit peeved at me but i told him i didn't care if he was mad at me and that this was something he needed to hear. He didn't like that too much. Saturday i spent at One Acts. some of them were good and others i actually wanted to slit my wrist but i met alot of cool people and the improve games were fun and hilarious. Today has been spent reading Hamlet. I like Shakespear but its a PAIN to read. My period just arrived so i've tried the medicine ma bought me and it seems to be working fine.

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Date:2005-01-19 21:07
Subject:Hecktic First Day Back
Mood: tired

first day back to school. i was exausted by 2 and i was at school until 6. today was my first day actually running the sound board and it was the first day we used the wireless mics. Ovitz decided to do a little experiment: to see how long the recargeable batteries would last in the wireless mics. normally the batteries are changed after every act. when a battery dies in a wireless mic, a lot of feedback happens (aka nails on a chalk board magnified through the big speakers in front). when that happens, i have to turn off every mic until the noise stops (normally the last mic). he niglected to tell me he was going to do this so when the actors were singing in the middle of the second act you can imagine what happened every other minute so naturally i was the one to get yelled at because none of the main characters were miced.

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Date:2005-01-18 14:07
Mood: thoughtful

i stayed home from school today cause it was the only chance I was going to get to have a full day of rest (no rehearsal after school). On saturday, i did get to talk to scott and as usual he razzed me for having a lot of homework and having tech. he said i needed to have a little fun (though he doesn't seem to realize tech is fun to me most of the time). On sunday, i was at the Theatre on time (10am) and again no one was there. i got a call from alex at three wondering where i was. this meant that i had to jump up and get ready to do tech. i was there from 3:10 until 7:30 when i was supposed to be there from 10 - 4. BTW since i forgot to post a song with my last entry I'll tell you what it was: Missundaztood by Pink.

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Date:2005-01-16 19:45
Subject:Just My Luck
Mood: annoyed

Scott found out my screen name and finally is trying to talk to me (after a month of being mia) and I'm at Barnes and Noble! This soooooo figures.

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Date:2005-01-16 15:04
Subject:I've Arrived!
Mood: cheerful

Thank you Heho for the LJ! Now I'm off!

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